5 responses to “Wrenched: The Legacy of the Monkey Wrench Gang”

  1. Argh!!! I have a serious schedule conflict and will not be able to attend this screening. Is there a second screening anytime in the future? Or will the film be shown anywhere else on another date in the area?

    Thanks so much for creating this event and those like it. I have yet to get to your store, but it is high on my priority list! One of these days…..

  2. Hi, Andrea and Doug!

    Wow, we are catching our breath after our journeying to CO and then having 5 family members visit us here. Back to normalcy for a while, I am trying to get access to the film to buy it, or rent it to view. Our Madison-Gallatin chapter of MWA has expressed interest in viewing the film, and if they think it’s a good one, to consider a showing as one of our public outreach projects. Do you have the DVD for sale at your store?


  3. Wish this were playing somewhere in the northeast.

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