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May 26, 2014 | Announcements

Bring us your gently used books! We pay for collectible books and related material in our areas of specialization: works by and about the Montana Gang, Native American and Western History, Exploration and Adventure, Sporting Literature, Natural History, and Literary Archives.

For other books, we offer trade credit. If you’re bringing in a lot of books, we can take your contact info and give you a call when we’ve had a chance to select and price them.

Store credit may be used on used books that are not on consignment for a third party. This includes the vast majority of our stock. We also happily accept donations of high quality books.

The decision to accept or not accept any given book is based on its condition, its resale value, its likelihood of appealing to our customers, the number of copies we may already have, and whether or not the moon is in the House of Larry. Please review and follow the tips below before bringing in your books.

What We’re Looking For
• Condition: Books should be in very good to fine condition – meaning light reading wear, minor bumping to corners, or perhaps a previous owner’s name in the front are acceptable. Exceptions sometimes made for collectible and very old books (you’d be in rough shape too, if you were born in the 18th century). Hardcovers must have a dust jacket (in very good condition) unless they were issued without one. See details below in “What We Can’t Accept.”

• Genre: We’re almost always interested in regional writers and books about the outdoors, Western and Native American history, philosophy, art, poetry, classics, food, quality contemporary fiction, hunting and fishing.

• Special items: Signed editions, fine bindings, private printings, Livingston/Montana/Yellowstone interest and collectible first editions.

What We Can’t Accept
• Mass market paperbacks
• Harlequin, Reader’s Digest Condensed, Chicken Soup for anyone’s soul, etc.
• Books with highlighting or underlining
• Books with torn or missing pages, broken spines or water damage
• Books that smell musty, mildewed, smokey or like teen spirit
• Magazines, family bibles, computer software users manuals, travel guides, text books or encyclopedia sets
• Former library books
• The works of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin or other extremist, hate-mongering mouthpieces for the 1%.
• Books written with invisible ink … on invisible paper

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  1. Laughed out loud at your list of what we can’t accept – especially “Chicken Soup for anyone’s soul”. Thank you!


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