Poetry in the Windows

Apr 14, 2012 | Events

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Elk River Books has teamed up with the Livingston Center for Art and Culture to present “Poetry in the Windows.” Throughout the month, poems by local and Montana poets are on display in numerous windows throughout downtown Livingston.

On Friday, April 20, a free poetry reading featuring many of the participating poets will be held at the Center for Art and Culture, 119 S. Main St., at 7:00 pm. All are invited to come help us celebrate our poetic heritage.

Following is the list of participating businesses and poets:

2nd Street Bistro:  Marc Beaudin, “Cactus”
Adagio/Allegro:  Max Hjortsberg, “Wind Again”
Avery’s Paradise Art Works:  Richard Brautigan, “Hinged to Forgetfulness Like a Door”
B Hive:  Sean Michael Devine, “For Instance”
Bob’s Outdoor:  Rev. Dr. Ron Johnstad, “Fishing the Yellowstone”
Chadz:  Joan Kresich, “Red Berries”
CHP:  Joan Kresich, “Just Wait and You’ll See”
Coffee Crossing:  Greg Keeler, “My Honey Nut”
Conley’s Books & Music:  E.E. Turner, “Animal Magnetism at the Supermarket”
Curated Closet:  William C. Edwards, “My Brother the Buffalo”
Dan Bailey’s:  Sean Michael Devine, “Fly Bites”
Danforth Gallery:  Sean Michael Devine, “Master of Insatiable Desire”
Elk River Books:  Richard Hugo, “Farmer Dying”
Elk River Books:  Henry Real Bird, “Sell Out Crow”
ERA Landmark Realty:  Joan Kresich, “Blueberries”
Floral Boutique:  Charlie Cornwall, “My Life”
Frame Garden:  Michael Earl Craig, “Glass of Wine”
Garre Fine Art:  Michael Earl Craig, “Talkativeness”
Hands & Feet (Firehall):  Marc Beaudin, “Quick Question”
Home on the Range:  Joan Kresich, “We’re Kin Now”
Insty-Prints:  Greg Keeler, “Donkey Song”
Livingston Center for Art & Culture:  Emily Faucett, “Words for Forgotten Ground”
MT Cup:  Michael Haymans, “Hunting Montana”
Murray Hotel:  Lance DuBois, “Little Short on Drawl & Not Very Darn Tall”
Niven’s Glass:  Greg Keeler, “Props”
Obsidian Collection:  Alexis Weinkauf, “Ginger and Jazz”
Osborn Gallery:  Marc Beaudin, “What You Want”
Park Place Tavern:  Alexis Weinkauf, “The Smell of Losing Kurt”
Parks Reece Gallery:  Henry Real Bird, “Hoola Hand”
Pinky’s:  Cody Standish, “Dreaming Realities”
Rainbow Enterprise:  Parks Reece, “Hot and Cold”
Reed Lehman:  John Bluefeather, “Contemplation”
Root 66:  John Bluefeather, “Campfire”
Sax & Fryer:  Max Hjortsberg, “Window”
Senior Citizen’s Center:  Michael Earl Craig,  “Brief Speech”
The Drawing Room:  Richard Hugo, “Death”
Public Library:  Joan Kresich, “Spring Thaw”
True Value:  Charlie Cornwall, “Rain”


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