Reading: ‘Eighty Years’ in Montana by Lori Micken

May 14, 2014 | Events

Retired Livingston biology teacher Lori Micken will share excerpts from and talk about the stories in her memoir, Eighty Years in Montana, on Tuesday, June 3 at Elk River Books.

Micken’s book explores her childhood growing up in Cut Bank, Montana, during World War II, and continues through her adult life, “building a cabin in northwestern Montana, hunting, and living a third of a century on a small ranch west of Livingston… Although she no longer hunts, [Lori] still fishes, hikes, plows her road in the winter, cuts firewood and spends time at her cabin.”

A cowboy poet and author of the historical novel Rachel, Micken’s articles have been published in Montana Outdoors, Country Magazine, Montana Woman and the children’s science magazine, W.O.W. She also edited and published a book of her mother’s columns from the Cutbank newspaper, The Western Breeze.

Eighty Years in Montana, she says, includes nature essays and “stories that tell about real people, real events and real emotion.”

Micken’s reading is free and open to the public, and will be followed by a reception and book signing. For more information, call Elk River Books at their new phone number: 333-2330.

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  1. I was a biology student of Lori mickens in the late 1970’s and would love to contact her to thank her for fostering my scientific curiosity. Do you have a current email address for her?


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