M.W. Gordon signs Deadly Drifts

Apr 10, 2012 | Events

Novelist M.W. Gordon with Johnie Irby on the Snake.

Novelist M.W. Gordon will be at Elk River Books to sign copies of his fly-fishing murder mystery, Deadly Drifts (Swift Creeks Press, 2012), on Tuesday, April 24 from noon to 2 p.m. Gordon draws on his experience as a fly-fisherman and law professor, as well as local myths about the federal witness protection program, to set the stage for his thriller:

“Florida law professor Maxwell Hunt wants nothing more than to spend his life married to El and teach international law in Gainesville. But after ten years of marriage El dies in a drift boat accident on the Snake River in Wyoming. Maxwell blames himself for not saving her. Despondent, he increasingly accepts ‘special work’ for a federal agency while lecturing in such troubled countries as Sudan, Yugoslavia, Paraguay, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. His work is misinterpreted in Guatemala by the nation’s drug lord, who nearly beats Maxwell to death, until he is rescued and flown back to the United States.

“To protect him, his death is announced and he is placed in a federal protection program with a new identity as Macduff Brooks, and a new location in Paradise Valley, Montana. He struggles to become a competent fly fishing guide, drinks too much Gentlemen Jack, and avoids serious relationships with women. But his new, quiet life is disrupted. A client is killed on his drift boat, his cabin is rigged with bombs, and he is drawn into his old work for the agency, being convinced to help thwart a second attempt by al-Qaeda extremists to topple New York City skyscrapers – the Empire State and Chrysler buildings.”

Elk River Books will have copies of Deadly Drifts for sale, but the signing itself is free and open to the public.


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