Stock Local to Shop Local

May 17, 2013 | Titles

American MasculineLivingston is a unique literary gem, with more writers per capita than New York or San Francisco, or as I always say, “You can’t walk out of a bar around here without tripping over a writer.” As a bookstore owned by two writers, Elk River Books makes it a priority to support these local writers (even the ones passed out in front of bars). To that end, we stock as many of their books as we can, many of which are signed.

We have books by Mark Baker, Jay Bentley, Joanne Berghold, Judy Blunt, Steven Bodio, Peter Bowen, Steven Byler, Elizabeth Biller Chapman, Earl Craig, Patrick Dawson, Mike Devine, Paul Dix, Bill Edwards, Charlotte Freeman, Kent Hanawalt, Jim Harrison, Max Hjortsberg, William Hjortsberg, Robert Heapes, Janet Hill, Allen Jones, Greg Keeler, Sarah Knecht, John Kolstoe, Joan Kresich, Larry Lahren, Jane Lambert, Ralph Langer, Tom McGuane, Scott McMillion, Jim Moore, Sherry Moore, H.G. Moser, Mark Munger, Tom Murphy, Connie Myslik-McFadden, Florence Bell Ore, Matt Pavelich, Doug Peacock, Ilona Popper, Shann Ray, Elwood Reid, Karen Reinhart, Cody Standish, Maryanne Vollers, Alan Wanderer, Becky Warren, Jeff Welsch, Richard Wheeler, Susan Wicklund, Ellen Winter, John Wulf and Willard Wyman, as well as both of our owners, Marc Beaudin and Andrea Peacock.

You may recognize your neighbors, customers, parents of your kids’ friends, co-workers, or fishing buddies in this list (or maybe you’ve tripped over one or two coming out of the Mint or Glenn’s). They represent nearly every genre of writing and are a big part of what makes Livingston the rare place that it is.

So the next time you’re looking for a good western, or cookbook, or book of poetry, or novel, or adventure story or volume of stunning photography, or history, etc. remember you can “shop local” not only in terms of where, but also who.


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