Poetry Reading: Entwined by Carol Frost

Jun 16, 2014 | Events

Poet Carol Frost will stop in Livingston during her 2014 Montana book tour on Wednesday, September 17. She will share excerpts from her new collection, Entwined: Three Lyric Sequences, at 7 p.m. upstairs at Elk River Books, 120 N. Main St.

The Poetry Foundation writes that “Frost’s poems draw on sources from the book of Genesis to Shakespeare’s The Tempest to the poetry of John Donne; she writes of the human body, and her poems are rich with the acutely imagined objects of the natural world—whether found off the coast of Florida or in a beehive. Honeycomb, which won the Gold Medal in Poetry from the Florida Book Awards, treats the subject of dementia through a sustained metaphor of the beehive.”

In an interview with Smartish Pace, Frost elaborates: “I do hunt. I also fish. I use the fish heads for bait for my crab traps. I eat meat, fish, and crabs. I used to keep a large garden until late summer and autumn travel kept me from harvest, so now I only have a kitchen garden. I use the herbs to cook the animals and plants that I prepare for my family and guests. I understand that there are some monkeys who like to rinse their food in salt water, probably partly for flavoring.

“Human nature includes these behaviors and others. I have a poem where I talk about when in our evolution procreation became love. I have poems that talk about language, birth, imagination, art, music, gods and angels, insects, sex, pets, time, mortality, morality, dementia; and I dare say I’ve not finished looking at all this from many different angles.”

A multiple Pushcart Prize winner, Frost studied at the Sorbonne, and has degrees from the State University of Oneonta and Syracuse University. Frost has received two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, and currently teaches at Rollins College where she is the Alfond Chair in Creative Writing.

Her reading is free and open to the public. A book signing and reception will follow the reading. For more information, call 333-2330.


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