Allen Jones

Allen Jones

Bozeman author Allen Jones will share excerpts from his new collection of poetry, Mumblecusser.

Mumblecusser book cover imageAcclaimed novelist, outdoor writer and publisher Allen Morris Jones will read from his debut poetry collection, Mumblecusser, on Thursday, Dec. 14, at Livingston’s Elk River Books.

Jones is the author of the novels, Last Year’s River, A Bloom of Bones, and Sweeney on the Rocks; the highly influential examination of the ethics of hunting, A Quiet Place of Violence; a Spur Award-winning children’s book, Montana for Kids: The Story of Our State; and co-editor, with William Kittredge, of The Best of Montana’s Short Fiction. He has published more than 100 short stories, articles, essays, and poems. A former editor of Big Sky Journal and an acquisitions editor for the Lyons Press, he is the publisher of his own small book house, Bangtail Press, and he has appeared as a guest essayist on Jim Lehrer’s “PBS NewsHour,” lectured to the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America, and has seen reviews of his work on the “Today” show and in the LA Times, People magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, and many others. He lives in Bozeman.

Of Mumblecusser, Jones writes, “These poems as far as I can tell now, are about late-life fatherhood, they’re about aging and mortality, they’re about trying to see clearly. They’re about trying to discover what I think. They’re exercises in self-pity and self-absorption. They are coins tossed off the back of a train. … They’re doorstops you trip over and Rorschach oil spills you slide across. Most of all, though, they’re the rubberized ceiling straps you grab onto when the bus lurches away from the curb.”

Former Montana poet laureate Michael Earl Craig notes, “Mumblecusser is an impressive debut. … These poems make you stop and think at every turn—carefully built and a joy to read.”

Elk River Books is located at 122 S. 2nd St. in downtown Livingston. The free event begins at 7 p.m., and a book signing and reception will follow.

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