Doug Peacock on Carl Hiaasen

May 17, 2013 | Events

By Doug Peacock (recommendation)

Carl Hiaasen has become my favorite American writer these past years, not only because he’s the funniest serious author working today, but because he’s not afraid of anything. He takes on all the rotten greed and corporate corruption that degrades his fragile peninsula, the developers and slime-ball politicians who work for them–those who destroy the watery wilderness and wild animals that constitute his backyard. By the end of this decade, Florida may be underwater but the rest of us will still need swimming lessons. I hate to dump too much of a load on this busy investigative journalist, columnist and author, but he is my choice for a true guide to follow into the fiery future, an asylum of idiots denying the melting world that is our future. I wouldn’t want to try to face it without a few belly laughs.

[NOTE: Tickets for our Carl Hiaasen reading on July 13 at Livingston’s Park High School RecPlex are going fast. It’s a free event, but you need a ticket to save a seat. Pick them up (limit of 4 per person) at Elk River Books, 115 E. Callender, Livingston.]


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