Action Call from Rick Bass

May 20, 2021 | Announcements

In conjunction with his reading for our 10th anniversary kickoff event, our friend Rick Bass asked us to share the following call-to-action regarding the looming timber sale in Montana’s Yaak Valley.

Action Item from Rick:

Please write a letter of support for a Yaak Climate Refuge on Montana’s Kootenai National Forest. Demand a hard stop to the U.S. Forest Service’s proposed Black Ram mega-timber sale in the Yaak Valley’s old growth. Department of Agriculture Secretary Vilsack and the U.S. Forest Service should not be clearcutting in old growth forests and grizzly bear core habitat across the northwest Yaak. The project needs to consider climate change and be managed as a climate refuge in the future. See the linked article from Bill McKibben.

And please consider signing the petition on this topic.

Please send an email “Cancel Yaak Black Ram” to the following:

Kevin Shea, USDA Acting Secretary

Chris French, USDA Associate Deputy Chief

Senator Jon Tester at:

Senator Steve Daines at:

Representative Matt Rosendale at:

Representative Chellie Pingree at:

Representative Raul Grijalva at:

For more information contact the Yaak Valley Forest Council.

Resource list:

“A Life With Bears,” by Rick Bass (Narrative Magazine)
“On Climate, Biden’s Administration Needs to Combat Zombie Trumpism Quickly,” by Bill McKibben (The New Yorker)
“Black Ram” (video)
“The Poster Forest for Timber Greed”