4 responses to “ArtWalk Feature – James Crissman”

  1. I’m hoping he also reads from his great book of poetry “Jailbait in Holy Water.”

  2. I’ve got a new road poem I want to read, and maybe the one you published in Counter Punch. Will have a few copies of Jailbait with me too. Should probably read the title poem in such great fly fishing country.

  3. Wonderful to have Jim there. He always puts on a good show! Lisa Purchase Kelly interviewed him for 360 Main Street.

  4. That was way too much fun. Thanks to Marc and all the Livingstonians who made it so. Am currently just over the line into Michigan — Ironwood to be exact — where I’ve got a pretty nice room with fridg and internet for $38 (cheapest advertised on street was $32). Slept in my car last night near the MT/ND line cuz all motels full at 2x the price. Nice to get a shower tonight! There are advantages to a depressed economy. With wind off Lake Superior, Duluth was 56 in heat of day. Got 6 books on CD from the Midland Public Library before I left. Phillip Roth’s Indignation and Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls were the easy winners. Larry McMurtry’s Loop Group was plain awful.

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